Sipef Headquarters

Kasteel Calesberg - Calesbergdreef 5
B-2900 Schoten - Belgium
Phone: +32 3 641 97 00


Our commitments are enshrined in the 'SIPEF Responsible Plantations Policy', and include :

  • - No Deforestation:
    SIPEF is committed to no deforestation. Until the HCV Convergence Working Group makes its toolkit available in 2017, we are implementing precautionary measures based on the HCS Approach, limiting land-clearing to non-HCV areas with agricultural land-cover.
    - No new development on peat
    - No Exploitation:
    SIPEF is committed to respecting the rights of indigenous people, local communities, and workers, and to maintain a safe and respectful workplace.
    - Full traceability:
    SIPEF believes in the transparency of commodities supply chains. All commodities offered by SIPEF are traceable to their place of production (smallholders field or plantation).

    This policy also applies to the scheme and associated smallholders delivering to our mills.


With the introduction of our first Sustainability Report (2014/2015) we have amended the content of this page. We believe all information regarding the subject of Sustainability is covered in depth in the report.

The second Sustainability Report (2016/2017) shall be published in the first quarter of 2018.

Please click the link below to access the Sustainability Report 2014/2015.

Sustainability Report (2014/2015)