About Sipef

Sipef Headquarters

Kasteel Calesberg - Calesbergdreef 5
B-2900 Schoten - Belgium
Phone: +32 3 641 97 00
Internet: www.sipef.com

Corporate Policies

Sipef aims to play a decisive role in the management of the companies in which it holds a majority stake or which it controls with other partners. This involves playing an active part on the boards of directors of these subsidiaries, as well as supervising the management and operations of the companies concerned. SIPEF aims at transferring its agricultural and management experience to the local managers.

Every effort is made to meet the needs of our customers so that goods and services of the very best quality are delivered to them on time.

In order to improve the quality of management of our plantations a particular effort is made to pass on agronomic expertise and management know-how to the nationals. Training manuals are at their disposal which set out the Group's agricultural, engineering, environmental and general policies and how they should be attained; training sessions ensure their implementation. We seek to make sure that all employees work in a safe and healthy environment.

The Group recognizes that, in addition to its statutory and commercial obligations, it has a responsibility to the communities and environment in which it operates. The Group is committed to safeguarding the environment by maintaining sound and sustainable agricultural policies in accordance with the Principles and Criteria of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). These are covering a wide range of environmental and social issues, like transparency, legal compliance, best agricultural practice, responsible land development and continuous improvement.

A separate webpage is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and the attention we pay to its application.

Our policies:
- Policy against force or trafficked labour
- Policy Child Labour
- Policy on Human Rights
- Grievance policy
- Responsible plantations policy
- Drugs and Alcohol Policy
- Environmental Policy
- Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
- Freedom of Association Policy
- Occupational Health and Safety Policy
- Protection of Reproductive Rights Policy
- Sexual Harassment Policy
- Smoke free Workplace Policy